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How can this amazing summer be over? I can’t remember a summer with such incredible weather. We were blessed with so many sunny days, the heat wasn’t too terrible here in Vermont. It was just incredible.

And now, we move toward fall. Luckily, Vermont is a pretty fabulous place to be in the fall. This weekend we plan to go apple picking. The trees will soon be full of beautiful color. And I can make pumpkin muffins again!

But there is something sad about saying goodbye to the days of summer. To the beach and pool. And looking toward the season of snow… which, by the way, I heard was supposed to be incredibly abundant this year. Better get the wood stove we’ve been talking about and find all the gear for the kids. Someone even said October was going to be snowy! Yikes!


Stitch fix



Have you tried Stitch Fix? I’ve been using their service for about two years and still get giddy seeing the white package sitting on my doorstep when it arrives. Here’s the scoop:

Get your own Stitch Fix box delivered to your doorstep with five pieces hand-picked by a stylist based on your requests and fashion profile. You fill out a detailed style profile based on your preferences and then a fabulous stylist chooses the pieces for you.  The stylist fee is $20, but that is credited to whatever you decide to keep.  Another great thing is that it sometimes forces you out of your comfort zone, giving you options that you may never have picked up a store. Plus, I love having pieces that are different from what everyone else in my area is wearing.

I highly recommend trying on everything in your box, at least twice, to get a feel for whether or not it is something you would enjoy wearing!  You should also have a good friend come over and give you advice!
You get three days to try on your items with the rest of your wardrobe and decide what looks best and feels best on your figure, then you just put what you don’t want in the provided envelope and mail it back.  Easy!  Fun!  Try it for yourself by clicking the link below!



*above photo from stitchfix.com. I love their blog and stylist tips!

Back in the saddle… or, in the saddle

Today is the first day of my summer vacation. I had a wonderful school year with my 21 students and am now looking forward to a wonderful summer with my own two kids. One goal I have for this summer is to blog. Let’s see what happens! It is currently 50 degrees. I’m wearing slippers and wool. It doesn’t feel like summer yet.

hands heart

This is a photo I took of my students’ hands on our last day together. I love how it came out!